Our Vision and Values

Our Vision

A thriving family of schools who work together to celebrate differences, and support each other in pursuit of excellence.

Our Values

Lifelong learners
Openness and Honesty

Our Promise   

Our promise to our families  

  • High expectations of each other and children in our care  
  • A rich curriculum which allows children to play to their strengths and develop life-long skills  
  • Highly qualified staff who are ambitious and passionate about the role they play in pursuit of excellence for the children in their care  
  • Memorable and inspirational learning experiences for all children  
  • Effective partnership working   


Our promise to our family of schools  

  • High quality support from Chancery’s Central Service Team that work alongside schools in pursuit of excellence  
  • High quality school improvement support   
  • A collaborative approach towards policy and systems development   
  • High quality continued professional development and career progression opportunities  
  • Investment in staff wellbeing  
  • Opportunities to share best practice and celebrate successes