Safeguarding is the term used to describe the activities that help make our pupils and students safe and free from harm across the Trust and in their lives outside of it.

This includes the following:

  • Protecting young people from abuse whether physical, sexual, emotional or neglectful.
  • Making sure that the Trust’s environment is free from bullying and harassment whether in person or by electronic communication.
  • Making sure that our pupils and students are aware of their own safety when using the internet, particularly when using social media sites and email.
  • Making sure we provide an environment that is safe and protects pupils and students from unnecessary accidents.
  • Providing pupils and students with information, advice and guidance about their own personal health and safety.
  • Involving our pupils and students in discussions on all of the above.

All staff in each of our schools have a responsibility for safeguarding and will be trained annually to ensure that they can fully meet their roles and requirements to keep children safe.

Child Protection and Safeguarding Statement