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Local headteachers and LGBs are directly responsible for standards in their schools. Headteachers are supported by and accountable to the CEO, who in turn is accountable to the Trust Board.

Pupil performance systems

The Trust devolves responsibility for pupil / student data collection and tracking to each school. However, common information sets must be available in each school, so that the CEO and the directors can track different groups of pupils so that they can satisfy themselves that all children make appropriate progress. They ensure that the performance of disadvantaged children are not significantly different from other groups.

Delegated autonomy

For LGBs to carry out their role effectively, governors must be:

  • Prepared and equipped to fulfil their responsibilities
  • Able to work effectively with lead professionals in the schools
  • Accountable to the Trust Board
  • Provided with appropriate support and opportunities for development
  • Willing and able to monitor and review their own performance against key performance indicators

We would expect the core business of each LGB to be:

  • Reviewing and monitoring the school improvement plan
  • Monitoring and reviewing progress and attainment
  • Financial accountability; making sure that the budget is on track and money is spent well
  • Reviewing and monitoring the curriculum
  • Holding the school’s headteacher and leadership team to account

The Trust Audit Committee will complete a comprehensive risk register and identified mitigation strategies for all risk in the medium and high categories.

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